I’m Judith. I go to thrift stores and buy contemporary and vintage clothing and resell it at The Simple Little Wardrobe. I’m pretty good at it. I’ve had over 5000 transactions and my income represents roughly 40% of our total household income. This has been my “full-time” job for 2 years. My other full-time job is being mommy to 4 boys. And yes, that’s my workspace–our bedroom–and me surrounded by storage boxes, inventory, and my trusty tapemeasure.


A reluctant resident of Virginia, I’m originally from North Carolina and cry when I hear Darius Rucker singing Wagon Wheel. I can make awesome cornbread and biscuits. I like cowboy boots. But my dream is to find a Chanel boucle tweed jacket at the thrift store for $5 and resell it for a $1,000. Shoot, I’d even pay $10.  I’ve had some pretty spectacular wins along the way that keep me going when I get tired of this whole business.

My blog is for you other fashion resellers, especially if you’re new to the game. I had a lot of questions when I got started but nobody to talk to. I want to encourage you with posts about my thrift scores, hot selling items, and tips on running your ebay business.

I’d love to feature your scores and questions, so comment away.

Happy thrifting,




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